Welcome to our FAQ page. If you have other questions not answered here, please email RII@allclassical.org.

National Challenge

My radio station is interested in producing our own RII. How do I receive the How-To Kit? Visit https://recordinginclusivity.allclassical.org/register/

Is there a fee for the How-To Kit? There is no fee or cost to access the information in the How-To Kit.

We have produced recordings previously that would fit the criteria for the Recording Inclusivity Initiative; is there a way we can share those with other radio stations? Yes! All Classical Radio is compiling a free database so that classical stations across the U.S. can access the RII recordings and add them into their music libraries. More to come, but if you have an existing recording that fits the RII criteria, and you would like All Classical Radio to consider adding it to the database, please contact us at RII@allclassical.org

All Classical Radio’s inaugural nomination and recording process

Whose work were nominated?
All Classical Radio especially encouraged nominations for works from historically marginalized communities in classical music. All Classical Radio defines historically marginalized communities as: Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Women, LGBTQ+ identifying, people living with disabilities, or communities having experienced other severely limiting institutionalized inequities. Nominations for music by composers of all backgrounds were accepted.

When will I find out if my nomination was chosen?
Notification of acceptance (with contracts) were sent out in March/April 2021.

When and where did the recordings take place? All works were recorded at Bodecker Foundation’s state-of-the-art recording studios in NW Portland between April and December of 2021. Recording was completed in adherence to local and national safety guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, nominations for inaugural RII were limited to five or less musicians.

Was there a nomination or entry fee?
No entry fee required.

Who decided on the chosen works?
The Recording Inclusivity Initiative Panel 

I have another question
Please email RII@allclassical.org with any questions.

Inaugural RII Composition Eligibility

  • Must be an original classical work; published or unpublished. Arrangements of another composer’s work will not be accepted.
  • Be written for five or fewer musicians.
  • Under 30 minutes in duration.